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Pearl Aerospace Aircraft parts distributor focused on providing quality parts and the highest level of customer service to the aviation industry. We hold in excess of 100,000-line items in stock for different aircraft types.


We provide customized service in parts trading, maintenance or technical support, and supply of surplus materials. Our goal is and always has been to provide a cost-efficient professional service to our customers on a regular basis. We provide a range of aviation related services and are in the business of helping our customers reduce overheads and achieve the best possible outcomes for the various services we provide for them.


Our staff are multi-lingual professionals who are experienced and passionate about the aviation industry. Our Customer includes various Commercial Airlines, Freighter Aircraft operators, Aircraft & Engine Maintenance Service providers, Oil & Gas Supply chains.


Our objective is to provide the best prices to our customers with on-time delivery, best possible lead time, AOG support and after-sales service.  are proud of our exceptional track record of ALWAYS meeting or EXCEEDING our customer’s expectations for quality, value, and response time.


We are part of our global community and contribute to causes such as the youth & women empowerment and involving more talents into our industry, with such collective contribution we can look forward toward a safer and more prosperous cutting-edge future.

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